About the website schoen-kliniken.de

Our Mission. The people behind the medicine

The top priority of this website is independent and neutral reporting about our clinics, our employees and the medical care we provide in the clinics.

Besides the medical care, we provide a portrait of many of our employees from the Consultant to the ward sister and would like to make you familiar with these people too, who are behind the everyday routines of the clinics.

We also provide information in particular on frequently treated diseases and topical subjects, and enable you to get in contact with the competent physician at the relevant Schön Klinik hospital in the event of any questions.


Our visitors. Who we make this website for

On these pages we would like to provide both patients and medical laymen with an insight and an overview of our hospitals, our medical specialisations and the profile of the company.


Our authors. Medical specialist staff of the Schön Klinik

Every medical article has been written exclusively by trained medical specialists at the Schön Klinik.

We are always committed to investing in optimising the professional quality we offer.

  • The Internet sites of the hospitals
    The responsibility for up to date contents and correctness of information on the Internet sites under "Medicine & Specialists Areas" is that of the Senior Consultant or department physician, the specialist clinic physician or the specialist centre physician.
    Those entrusted by the Schön Klinik with looking after the Internet sites take care of the Internet sites of the hospitals
  • "Medicine Online" & Therapy"
    The respective authors can be found under the specified "Your contact / Your author" and are also there to answer any questions you have. By clicking on "Contact us now !" you can find out all you need to know about the authors and if need be contact them.

Our contents. Up to date and medically substantiated

Thanks to the assistance of the leading physicians, psychologists and therapists of the Schön Klinik we are giving you the opportunity of obtaining information which is detailed and medically substantiated on the subject of health and medicine at the Schön Klinik.

We are committed to providing you only with information which is scientifically substantiated and based on the latest knowledge.  


Schoen-Kliniken.de. A Service from Schön Klinik Management SE

Schoen-Kliniken.de is under no circumstances financed in any way whatsoever from direct or indirect advertising. Likewise we will not make use of articles written by our medical specialist staff for monetary gain via third parties.