Orthopaedics is the specialist area concerned with the body's mechanisms of support and movement, from the topmost bone in the neck to the bottom-most bones in the toes. The Schön Klinik has been engaged in the field of orthopaedics since the mid 1990s, and have since then attained an indisputably high level of expertise recognised even within the field thanks to enormous commitment and substantial investment.


Cervical spine fractures

Cervical spine injuries not only affect the mobility of the head. Also, nerves and the spinal cord can be damaged.

Cervical spine fractures


Thoracic & lumbar spine fracture

Most of the about six thousand serious injuries of the spine each year in Germany affect the thoracic and lumbar sections of the spine.

Fractures of thoracic & lumbar spine


Osteoporotic spine fractures

Fractures to the vertebrae are the most common fractures caused by osteoporosis.

Osteoporotic fractures of the spine