Dementia. Everyday life.

The following belong to a healthy lifestyle:

Don't smoke!

  • In diabetes: consistent treatment, diet
  • With high blood pressure: consistent treatment
  • Diet (low cholesterol) and possibly medication for metabolic disorders
  • Avoid obesity
  • Adequate fluids (minimum 1.5 to 2 l/day)
  • Sport, physical activity
  • Avoid alcohol abuse
  • Healthy diet (plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, less animal protein and fat)

How to prevent dementia.

With a healthy lifestyle (see below), a number of forms of dementia such as the vascular or alcohol-induced type can be prevented. At present, the development of Alzheimer dementia cannot be stopped. Attempts are being made, however, to develop medicines as vaccinations against the harmful proteins of Alzheimer dementia: Such medications aim to modify the reaction of the immune system to the proteins and render them harmless in the body. We will have to wait years until they can be properly used, however.


When should you consult a doctor?

If you are slowly becoming more forgetful, there are changes in your behaviour or your personality, a doctor should be consulted for a diagnosis and, if there is any doubt, early therapy can be introduced. Even though dementias are mostly incurable at present, a great deal can be done to enable the affected person to live with dignity.


Dementia. Therapy

Which treatment methods are available for dementia?