Med Online. Medical & Healthcare Information

Due to contributions made by leading physicians, psychologists and therapists, we are able to provide detailed and medically substantiated information on topics in the areas of health and medicine at the Schön Klinik. We provide information in particular on frequently treated diseases and topical subjects, and enable you to get in contact with the competent hospital doctor in the event of any questions.


Back & Spine.

We treat many urgent and chronical back pain: from spinal derformity, trauma and tumour to Osteochondrosis of the spine and scoliosis.

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Mobility & Joints

Knee? Shoulder? Hands and feet? Get tips on posture and mobility from the professionals.

Portal for Mobility & Joints


Nerves & Brain

Leading neurologists provide information about nervous system disorders and new treatment concepts, as well as being available to provide advice.

Nerves & Brain


Organs & Circulation

Physicians from the Schön Klinik provide information about the most common internal medical disorders.

Organs & Circualtion