Schoen Clinic London opening in 2018

A specialist focus on spine care and orthopaedics

A multidisciplinary team of experts, working together on a single site, focused on clinical excellence in one specialist area. This has been the Schoen Clinic approach for over 30 years and the one we believe delivers the best treatments and outcomes for patients.

In 2018 we are opening our first hospital outside Germany. Schoen Clinic London will be a 39 bed specialist hospital focused on world-class spinal care and orthopaedics for adults. In Germany we care for over 100,000 patients a year in our 17 highly specialised hospitals. We are now bringing our extensive experience to London and combining it with the recognised expertise of top London consultants to offer patients the best care.


Experts who have years of specialist experience

Schoen’s specialist focus makes us a beacon of excellence in medicine. We choose to specialise in particular areas of healthcare because this delivers the best treatments and outcomes. We employ experts who have years of specialist experience and our 30 year historic focus means patients can be sure that we’ve successfully treated many others with the same condition.

Our holistic approach means that comprehensive diagnostic facilities, complex surgery, therapeutic treatment and outpatient clinics will all be available under one roof. Gone are the days of visiting several facilities to get a full diagnostic screening.


Patient outcome measurements

One of the things that makes us unique is our rigorous approach to defining, measuring and analysing patient outcomes data. We measure a broad range of outcomes and we do it systematically across the patient journey – pre, during and post-surgery. We look to our clinical expert groups, formed of senior consultants, to review and advise on the results of our patient outcome measurements and this drives the constant improvement of our care and services. Through this we bring German engineering to medicine.


A new model for clinical practice

Schoen Clinic firmly believe in a consultant-led approach whereby consultants drive decision making, work as part of a team and lead and steer their areas of expertise. As a result we are engaging with consultants on an employed or independent basis who would like to grow and shape their practice in collaboration with Schoen Clinic. 

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First class facilities