Our clinic is internationally well recognised with an excellent reputation.

Patients of many nationalities come to us for treatment.

Thanks to our successful treatment methods and our internationally recognised first class physicians we have an international reputation attracting many patients from overseas. We enjoy a high level of respect, particularly in the Arab world and Russia. Ms Salima Boujaida and Ms Yanina Sartison two skilled members of our support staff take care of all the many needs of our international patients and ensure that things go smoothly. They work together with a well-versed team which has adjusted to the particular needs of our international patients.

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Exclusivity and top-class medical services.

We provide you with single rooms with smart furnishings and a service comparable with a hotel. In our private patient clinic discerning patients will receive exclusive first rate services in all our clinic disciplines.

  • Best quality medicine - brought to you by experienced
    doctors of international repute
  • Best luxury accommodation - comparable to the
    standard in respectable high-class hotels
  • Excellent service - for a restorative and pleasant stay in our clinic.

Medical specialisations.

As a respected German specialist hospital with a long-standing tradition, the Schön Klinik München Harlaching has an excellent reputation in the international medical community. Our specialists at the "Musculoskeletal Competence Centre" demonstrate great achievements in the treatment of orthopaedic diseases of any nature. The extensive range of medical treatments in our clinic includes prevention as well as outpatient rehabilitation.