Certified Specialist Clinic for Parkinson's disease.

Stiff arms and legs, facial expression and gestures, slow movements, a bent posture and unsteady gait. These are just a few of the many characteristics of Parkinson's disease. Contrary to popular belief tremor is not necessarily encountered. This complex disease causes a variety of symptoms over time which affect the mind, perception and many bodily functions such as bladder control. This is a tremendous burden not only on those affected, but also the patient's family. As a specialist centre we offer our patients a reliable diagnosis and a broad spectrum of treatment. We are a certified specialist clinic for Parkinson's disease, and with more than 1000 patients a year we are one of the largest certified clinics specialising in the disease in the German-speaking area.


Department overview.

Anzahl der Mitarbeiter
~ 130
6 - 16
Fallzahlen im Jahr 2011
Schön Klinik
München Schwabing
~ 1.400
Schön Klinik aggregated
~ 1.800

Staff: Doctors, therapists and nurses in the relevant department // Stay: Average hospital stay in days (Source: internal evaluation) // Cases 2014: Number of medical treatments of all relevant departments

Our medical services include, among other things:

  • Outpatient Department, Day Clinic, inpatient treatment
    • Clarification of other Parkinson-type diseases („atypical Parkinson's“), neuropsychological testing, imaging procedures (MRI, computer tomography) and drug testing
  • Multimodal complex treatment
  • Deep brain stimulation
  • Parkinson diet
  • „Botox“ for increased saliva production
  • Outpatient video-assisted therapy
  • Outpatient Clinical Research Centre€‹

How well are our Parkinson's patients after their treatment?

Following treatment with us at our clinic, this is what we would very much like to hear about. So after discharge we send out a questionnaire to find out how the patient is doing. In this way we can determine whether therapy was successful and obtain important information about how we can continually optimise our treatment concepts – to suit our patients and their relatives. The pleasing outcome: after discharge our patients are much more mobile, so much so that even typical Parkinson symptoms such as depression, loss of concentration and lack of independence will have clearly improved.