Important to know: Information from A - Z.

What you should know about your stay.

Find here an alphabetical listing of all information you need for your stay in our clinic.


Accompanying person.

We are happy to accommodate your companion with you in your room during your stay. Please find the costs for this in your cost estimate. For other people accompanying you, we are happy to recommend them hotels in the vicinity of our clinic.



Please register directly at our reception, which is located at the main entrance. Please have the written confirmation of your registration ready (email, cost estimate).


Alcoholic drinks.

Bringing and consuming alcoholic drinks is not permitted in our clinic. Alcoholic drinks are not sold in our cafeteria.



Here you can find all of the information you need, including detailed directions for patients coming by car.

Should you need help with transportation (e.g. stretcher transport), we recommend this is organised via nordwache[a]  . 

Tel. +49 89 19218



We accept EC cards (Maestro), Visa and Mastercard.

Billing is done immediately in advance or by cost acceptance through the embassy (an option for: VAE (HAAD/GHQ), Qatar, Kuwait).



Please send your medical records via email to Mr. Oliver Schmitt if you wish to make an appointment. On arrival please bring with you any new records created up to that point in time (X-rays or results).



You can connect your laptop to our wireless network for free in our reception area or cafeteria (wireless is not working in our rooms).


Laundry service.

You can use our laundry service.



Our kitchen adapts meals to the needs of our patients and offers many different types of food: Balanced diet, vegetarian, diet meals, special diet for our Muslim patients, puréed foods for dysphagia. 



Please bring your medications with you - especially medication which is not directly related to the condition we are treating. 


Mobile Phones.

Please respect our clinic rules and only make phone calls from your private room, in the cafeteria or in the entrance lobby. It is very important to us that all patients can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere so they make a full recovery. 


Opening hours.

Our clinic is open between 7:00am and 8:00pm. We ask though that patients be visited from 2:00pm to 7:00pm, when possible, to enable them to take part at all treatment sessions.


Smoke-free clinic.

Take a deep breath! We want to protect our patients and staff from the harmful smoke and unpleasant odour of cigarettes. Therefore, smoking is not permitted anywhere within the clinic building, including in the rooms. Smoking is only permitted in a smoking pavilion located in the garden.



You can use a direct telephone line in your room. The costs will be billed at our reception.



There is a television in every room, which is available for patients to use free of charge. If you wish to receive international programmes you can rent a receiver for a deposit of 100 € at our reception.



During your stay you will receive an individual therapy plan. Please keep to the specified therapy times since these cannot be postponed or extended. You cannot make up for lost minutes of a therapy session. 



If possible, you should leave jewellery and other valuables at home. If this is not possible, we recommend that you lock cash and valuables in the safe at our reception.



Visitors are welcome to visit you from 2pm to 7pm. Please keep to visiting times so that our patients' medical and therapeutic processes are not interrupted.