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Answers to your questions!

Do you still have questions about your stay? Here you will find information on the clinic facilities and offers and on many routine procedures in our hospital.


A - D. A&E department to Drinks

A&E department.

Our clinic's A&E department is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.



Following your arrival at the Schön Klinik Nürnberg Fürth, please report to the patient admissions department in Building 1, on the ground floor of the „"Cup" (“Tasse”) “ part of the building. This is where the registration formalities will be dealt with. In your room you will find instructions for the technical equipment such as the television and telephone. Do not hesitate to express any wishes or questions you may have. The nursing staff will take care of you from now on.

We will do all that we can to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Your contact for all non-medical issues is the patient admissions department (internal phone No.: 1508). Please speak to the nursing staff if you have any medical or care questions.



Our Bistro is on the ground floor of Building 1. Here you will find hot and cold meals, e.g. rolls, and daily changing lunch menus. You can also buy fresh coffee, cappuccino, espresso, various cold drinks, bakery products, snacks, confectionery and ice cream.

The opening times are given in these documents and are also displayed on the bistro itself. 


Bus timetable.

Directly outside the clinic, in front of the main entrance, there is a bus stop on Line 177 which terminates in Fürth's main railway station. The departure times are on display in the entrance area, Building 1.


Children's playground.

A varied children's playground is located in the garden, next to the conservatory.



Let us know if you would like us to organise a chiropodist visit for you in your room. The chiropody services are subject to a charge.



Our spacious conservatory flooded with light is located on the ground floor of Building 1. There you can receive your visitors in the bistro.


Daily routine.

The following information on ward routine is not a rigid schedule, but merely key points in the daily ward care. It may be necessary to postpone diagnostic and therapeutic measures or appointments with doctors due to emergencies. We ask for your forbearance in these exceptional cases.

Early morning
The shift change from night to early shift takes place between 06:15 and 06:45 in the morning. From 06:45 you will be woken and your carewill begin. Your doctor will visit you daily between 06:45 and 08:00.

Breakfast is served in your room from 07:30. After breakfast and the ward rounds, the therapeutic, diagnostic and nursing procedures will begin.

On your day of discharge, please leave your room by 09:00 after the ward round.

During the morning you will be asked for your menu choice for the following day by a member of staff trained in nutrition advice. Patients' rooms are also cleaned during the morning.

We serve lunch in your room from 11:30. If you are not present at this time, we will gladly offer you the meal at a later time. After lunch we aim to disturb you as little as possible, so that you can enjoy your midday rest period.

The nursing staff shift change takes place from 13:45 until around 14:15. Any necessary applications and diagnostic measures also take place during this time. If you are scheduled for an operation on the next day, you will be prepared for it now. In this case, please stay in the ward area, or contact the nursing staff.

We serve the evening meal from 17:00. From 20:00, we ask you and any visitors you may have to help us ensure general night-time peace and quiet.


Data protection.

Your personal data stored by us is subject to strict data protection provisions. All your details and the results of any examinations and findings are handled confidentially.

You can release your doctors from their obligation to maintain patient/physician confidentiality if you wish, for example, so that they may give your closest relatives information about your health.


Departure times.

On your day of discharge your room is available to you until 09:00. It is then cleaned and prepared for the next clinic guest. We therefore ask that you leave your room by 09:00 at the latest on your day of discharge. If your discharge is planned for later in the day, we will find an agreeable solution for you.



The doctor treating you will inform you of your discharge date in good time during your treatment. You will have a final visit from the doctor between 06:45 and 08:00 on your day of departure. After then having breakfast, you can leave the clinic. Please leave your room by 09:00 so that it can be cleaned and the new occupant can move in.

Before you leave the clinic, please settle the bill (patient contribution, phone/Internet) with the patient admissions staff and hand in the patient survey, your phone card and the internet stick.

You can pay the invoice in cash or issue a direct debit mandate for the clinic. The patient admissions department staff will calculate the amount of patient contribution due (€ 10 per day for 28 days maximum per year) and issue you with a receipt.



Your medical care is in the hands of the doctor treating you. Outside of consultation hours we have an on-call medical service for patients. The doctor treating you or their stand-in will be informed and consulted about all changes in your state of health.



On the ward we serve tea or coffee, and mineral water in your room (at meal times). In addition to these times, hot and cold drinks are available to you and your visitors from the ward vending machines.


E - M. Environmental protection to MRSA screening

Environmental protection.

Since 2000, Schön Klinik Nürnberg Fürth has been certified to the EC Eco Audit Regulation and therefore meets its responsibility to society.

We ask you to help. Please use the waste separation facilities, try to use water and energy sparingly and therefore help to make a contribution to environmental protection.

Please note the waste separation facilities. To this end, inserts for residual waste, paper waste and plastic/metal waste for the yellow sacks are provided in the wastebins of all patient rooms. In the bathrooms there is a waste bin, which is intended for residual waste only.

All drinks bottles issued by the clinic are returnable bottles. Please simply leave these. They will be collected by the staff.

If you use our hand towel service, just like in the hotel industry, your hand towels will not be changed automatically every day. If you would like them to be changed, simply leave them on the floor.


Fire safety.

For fire safety reasons it is prohibited to use naked flames (candles, oil burners, etc.). Please cooperate.

Please note and follow the posted escape route plans.



Please understand that strong-smelling flowers are unsuitable in a hospital room with several beds.

Potted plants may not be brought into the hospital for hygiene reasons.



Our guestbook is in the lounge area of your ward. We would be pleased to receive a few lines of comment from you, not only for us but for subsequent guests.


Hair dryer.

You can borrow a hairdryer from the care support centre.



If you like we can arrange for a hairdresser to visit you in the clinic. You will be charged for the hairdresser services.


Hand towel change.

Your bathroom is supplied with hand towels. If you would like to make a contribution to environmental protection, then decide for yourself whether you want to use a towel twice. Simply leave towels to be changed on the bathroom floor. Only these will then be replaced by our cleaning staff.

Please bring your own towel with you, e.g. for treatment in the physiotherapy department.



You would like to go online? Please do. You can order the mobile Internet access from the patient admissions department. You can access the internet with your own laptop, quickly and easily, over a UMTS Internet connection: to do so you will need to deposit an ID card or a credit card and pay a charge of Euro 8.00 per day.



When you present your health insurance card the clinic settles all costs for the hospital treatment with your statutory health insurer. You pay the patient contribution required by law of Euro 10 per day at the patient admissions department on the day of discharge from the hospital, in cash or conveniently by direct debit.

You or your private supplementary insurance fund receives the invoice directly for so-called optional services, such as a single bed room or consultant treatment.

If you have any questions about settlement of your bill and insurance, our experienced patient admissions staff will be pleased to help. Contact us!


Jogging route.

For all fitness enthusiasts and mobile patients, we have an unusual jogging route around the clinic on a 1.1 km tartan track, which is illuminated in the evenings. Enjoy!



The kiosk next to the bistro in the conservatory (entrance through the „"Cup" (“Tasse”)“ part of the building, Building 1) stocks a small range of newspapers and magazines.

The opening times are posted on the bistro.


Leaving the clinic.

You can of course leave the clinic grounds at any time, but you should always inform the nursing staff first.

On your discharge from the clinic, we ask that you complete and hand in our patient satisfaction questionnaire to the patient admission department. There you can also settle any telephone or internet charges you have incurred, with a credit card or in cash. To enable new clinic guests to be admitted and emergency admissions we must ask you to vacate your room by 09:00 at the latest. For further details, refer to the „Discharge“ section.


Lounge areas.

There is a lounge area on wards A and B, each at the exits to the roof terrace. The roof terrace is open in the summer and in fine weather. The lounge area on wards C and D is located centrally. On wards A/B there are vending machines with soft drinks and speciality coffee for you and your guests.



We would like to make your stay as pleasant as possible, and offer you a diverse and highly varied meals concept. For breakfast and your evening meal you can choose from a buffet menu. At lunch you can choose between three different international and Mediterranean dishes. Excellent food quality contributes to your well-being and helps you to convalesce more quickly. Menu choices are recorded by our diet assistants or trained service personnel.

Meal times:

  • Breakfast is served: 07:30 to 08:15
  • Lunch is served: from 11:30
  • The evening meal is served: 17:00 to 18:00

Your menu wishes for the whole week are recorded by a dietician or the service personnel. If you would like nutritional advice, please inform the doctor that is treating you.

Please talk to the dietician if you have any questions or requests for special diets or if you have any food allergies. You can contact them on the internal phone number -3006.



During your stay you will receive your medication from the clinic. If you have brought medicines with you for other illnesses, which are not related to your current hospital stay, please make sure that you discuss taking them with your doctor.


MRSA screening.

Many serious infectious diseases are accompanied by bacteria. These bacteria include MRSA = Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus. Contact with these bacteria immediately before or after an operation can be very dangerous.

Our clinic is the only hospital in the metropolitan region that therefore tests all patients accordingly before an operation. If we discover that they are infected with MRSA we postpone the operation – if the patient's state of health allows us to do so – until the bacterium has been treated successfully. This measure is for your personal protection, to prevent an acute infection following surgery On the other hand, it also protects all other patients, as these bacteria can spread very quickly in the surrounding areas, e.g. on a ward.


N - P. No smoking hospital to Post

No smoking hospital.

The Schön Klinik Nürnberg Fürth is a „no-smoking hospital“. Smokers can nonetheless smoke outdoors in the designated smoker areas. All other areas in the building, the underground car park and the outdoor areas are no-smoking areas.


Other Patients and Quiet Periods.

We would like to restrict our guests as little as necessary and make your stay as pleasant as possible. Recuperation also means adequate peace and quiet. If you are in a room with two or more beds, we therefore ask that you take your visitors to the lounge areas where possible so that the other patients in your room are not disturbed. General night-time quiet should be observed after 22:00.


Patient contribution to costs.

By law, we must collect € 10.00 (at the present time), per calendar day for a maximum of 28 days per calendar year from all patients with statutory health insurance as a contribution towards costs.

In this case the clinic is merely the collection point for the respective health fund and forwards the patient contribution to the fund. The admissions and discharge day are each billed as one calendar day.

If you have already paid your patient contribution to us or another hospital, please bring the receipt for this stay with you on admission.


Patient room facilities.

Schön Klinik Nürnberg Fürth provides multi-bed rooms as a standard service. Single and two-bed rooms are available as an optional service. A well thought-through colour scheme and modern design makes your stay in our guest rooms very pleasant. Each room has its own bathroom.


Payment/Hospital costs.

If you are a member of a statutory health insurance scheme, you only have to pay the contribution specified by law. You can settle this conveniently in the patient admissions department on your discharge, and can pay either in cash or by direct debit. We bill your health fund directly for the remaining costs.


Pyramide Hotel.

The Pyramide Hotel is an independent, 4.5 – star business and congress hotel and is not part of our clinic's facilities. For this reason, we ask you to respect the ambience there and only enter the Pyramide Hotel in street clothing and not in nightwear, dressing gowns, with visible bandages or medical equipment. The hotel's smoking area is also reserved exclusively for hotel guests. Thank you for your cooperation!


Praise & Complaints.

Every employee is available to receive any wishes or complaints you may have. If it concerns medical issues, please speak to the nursing staff. If you have any complaints about the food, drinks supply or cleanliness, please speak to our nursing staff directly or make contact on our in-house phone no. 1699. Please phone the patient admissions department on the in-house no. -1508 for any other criticism or suggestions for improvement. If you cannot contact them immediately, you will find a complaints form in the guest information folder that you can use. We will deal with your concerns as quickly as possible.


Newspaper & Magazines.

Newspapers and magazines are sold in the kiosk in the conservatory, on the ground floor of Building 1 (entrance via „"Cup" (“Tasse”)“ part of the building).


Pre-operative preparation.

Our experienced nursing staff will prepare you in a calm atmosphere for your pending operation. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. We are glad to be of assistance.


Patient admissions.

The patient admissions department is on the ground floor of Building 1, in the reception area („"Cup" (“Tasse”)& part of the building rdquo;).

The employees are the persons to contact for all non-medical or administrative questions. You can reach the patient admissions department in-house by phoning 1508.


Patient survey – patient satisfaction (PAZU).

Our goal is your satisfaction. Which is why we do all that we can to improve our services continuously. Please help us to achieve this by completing the patient satisfaction form and handing it in to the patient management staff before your discharge. In exchange you will receive a small token of our thanks. The patient satisfaction form is at the end of this information folder.

You can also place the questionnaire in the „Guest survey“ letterbox anonymously.



The outdoor grounds and the underground car park of Schön Klinik Nürnberg Fürth and the Pyramide Hotel are public areas. The road traffic regulations apply here. The City of Fürth and the police are responsible for monitoring the grounds. Outside of the marked parking areas, parking offenders in the fire service access zones must expect to receive parking tickets. Please follow the signage.

The parking facilities are operated by APCOA, which is of course available to answer any questions or deal with problems in its office in the underground car park (employee car park area).

Please understand that the clinic cannot pay your parking charges.

Free parking spaces are available on our outdoor space for a maximum of 1 hour. For each additional hour started APCOA charges Euro 2.50. The maximum daily charge is Euro 17.50.

In the underground car park the charge is Euro 1.50 per hour up to a maximum daily charge Euro 10.00 (from 6 hours). Opening hours: 24 hours daily, 7 days a week.

If you have any questions, please contact the APCOA employees on the in-house phone No. 1604 or press the Help button directly on the barriers at the entrance/exit of the underground car park.


Pastoral care.

The nursing and admissions staff is there to listen to whatever you have to say. If you would like pastoral or spiritual support, we will be pleased to arrange for the right contact for you.


Personal hygiene kit.

On request the care support centre can issue you with a personal hygiene kit including a toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, soap and shampoo.



Incoming post is delivered to your room without delay. To ensure that we can do this reliably, your relatives and business partners should use the following address:

„Your name“
Room number
Schön Klinik Nürnberg Fürth
Europa-Allee 1
90763 Fürth


Q - W. Quality to Wheelchair


The doctors of Schön Klinik Nürnberg Fürth are committed to the Helsinki Declaration and its ethical principles for the medical profession. This includes observing innovative developments in medicine and their implementation on the basis of sound medical knowledge, continuous professional development and firmly established quality management, which is achieved through consistent improvement of services and performance in all areas of the company.

Schön Klinik Nürnberg Fürth is certified to EN ISO 9001:2008.

Numerous measures serve to assure high quality of treatment and

service and patient safety. For example, we ask you to complete a questionnaire on your state of health, on admission and six months after your discharge. In this way we ensure that the treatment we give is successful in the longer term too. To assure our quality of service, we also ask you to complete our patient questionnaire.

Other quality assurance and patient safety measures include:

  • MRSA screening to prevent hospital-acquired infections caused by dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria
  • Hand disinfection ("Clean hands" campaign),
  • Surgical Safety Checklists (reliable prevention of mix-ups during surgery)
  • Infection screening


You can choose between different radio broadcasters. They are available via the TV. The channel numbers and instructions for use are given in your list of channels at the end of this information folder.


Rehabilitation and follow-up treatment.

Orthopaedics patients especially, often need follow-up treatment after their stay in the hospital („Rehab“). Discuss this with our orthopaedics staff on admittance. They will reserve a rehab place for you and arrange for your transfer.


Schön moment.

Was there a moment during your stay in our clinic that made you particularly happy? Did the staff look after you particularly well so that you would like to give positive feedback? Did you receive outstanding services, which you consider worth acknowledging?

Then use the opportunity to do so with our „Schön moment card“. This card is available from the reception and is in this guests' folder. Please fill in the card and hand it in to the reception, or place it in the letterbox on your ward.


Telephone and telecommunications.

Telephone / telephone charges:

Each patient room has a telephone. Telephone calls within the clinic are free of charge. There is a sticker with your personal telephone number on the earpiece. It is made up of the base number 0911 / 9714 and is followed by your extension.

If you want to use a telephone connection for external calls from your bed, you will be issued with a phone card on admission. You should always take your phone card with you when you leave your room, to ensure that others cannot use your personal telephone connection at your expense. If you no longer need the card, please hand it in to the patient admissions department.

For safety reasons, you are not permitted to use your mobile phone in the operating theatre, intensive care unit, A&E department or in the consultation rooms and practice rooms of the private doctors. Please cooperate if employees draw your attention to this. You are free to use your mobile phone in your room and in outdoor areas.

Telephone charges with phone card:
Basic telephone charge per day: € 2.00 incl. VAT, charge unit: € 0.20 incl. VAT. (1 unit equals 60 seconds). Calls abroad often have higher and different charges. Please ask our guest service department for information.

For technical reasons we are unfortunately unable to provide third party dialling in a call-by-call procedure. We ask that you hand in your phone card to the guest service department on your discharge and have the charges billed with your final invoice.


The fax number of the Schön Klinik Nürnberg Fürth is +49(0)911 9714-555. The patient admissions department can also send and receive faxes for you; incoming faxes will be delivered to you without delay.



Please take care of your valuables. Thieves unscrupulously take advantage of the trust and helplessness of their victims, even in a hospital. Only bring what you absolutely need with you into the hospital. Please leave your valuables at home.

If you have to leave your room for treatment, please always ensure that your cupboards are locked and your money and valuables are kept in a secure place. The cupboard keys are available from the admissions department for a deposit.

The clinic does not accept any liability whatsoever for valuables, cash or jewellery not handed in for safekeeping.

To protect your valuables, Weiße Ring e. V. and the Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation recommend the following:

  • Do not bring large sums of money, jewellery or other valuables with you to hospital!
  • Use the facilities available in the hospital to protect your valuables!
  • Never leave your personal items unsupervised in your room!
  • Report suspicious persons to the hospital personnel and report any theft to the police too!
  • If, despite taking the necessary precautions, you have become the victim of a crime, please contact the Weiße Ring or the police! There you will receive help quickly without any red tape, and it will cost you nothing!

Further information is also available on the Internet under: or


Visiting times.

There are no fixed visiting times in our clinic. Your visitors are welcome at any time. Nonetheless, visitors who enter the clinic after 21:00 must report to the patient admissions department/main entrance Building 1 and the carers on the wards. Thank you for your cooperation!

If you are in a two or multi-bed room, please be considerate of the other room occupants and if necessary, and after 20:00, use our lounge areas.



If necessary, you will be issued with a comfortable wheelchair, which the nursing staff can bring to your room.