Medical care.

Our range of medical services at a glance.

We offer medical services of the highest professional standards. Using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methods, as well as modern medical technology, we guarantee exacting medical standards.

Our specialisations include treatment for urological cancers (uro-oncology) and minimally invasive urological procedures, mainly involving the kidneys, prostate and urinary bladder.


Our range of treatments:

  • Prostate cancer (surgical removal of the prostate, including keyhole surgery, chemotherapy)
  • Kidney tumour (complete removal of the kidney, tumour resection with preservation of healthy kidney tissue)
  • Bladder cancer (removal of bladder tumours, replacement of urinary bladder with autologous intestinal tissue, drug therapies)
  • Minimally invasive removal of benign, enlarged prostate
  • Treatment for kidney and ureteral stones
  • State-of-the-art conservative surgical procedures for urinary incontinence (men and women)

Modern medical technology.

By working with selected urological practices, the Schön Klinik Specialist Centre for Urology offers the full range of urological services, from preventive care and consultation to diagnostics and therapy. Having an outstanding range of medical equipment to hand means that procedures can be individually adjusted to suit each patient. This equipment includes high-resolution ultrasound devices, 3D ultrasound, computer-assisted functional diagnostics, urodynamic testing, video cystoscopy, flexible endoscopy, and our own laboratory for blood testing and microbiology.


Conservative and surgical treatments.

In collaboration with selected partner practices, all possible urological issues can be discussed and investigated. These include, amongst others:

  • Hormone changes in men
  • Erection problems
  • Fertility disorders
  • Men’s health check-ups
  • Difficulties urinating (burning sensations, frequent urination, weak stream, irritable bladder, etc.)
  • Examination of blood in the urine or sperm
  • Investigation of pain in the flanks/back
  • Second opinion on abnormal test results