A view of our clinic

The holiday feeling is included

The Schön Klinik Neustadt is located half way between Neustadt with its wonderful 'old town' atmosphere and Pelzerhaken/Rettin on the Baltic Sea's Südstrand (South Beach) - right on the edge of the Holsteinische Schweiz (Holstein's Switzerland). The maritime climate, the high salt content of the air and the impressive landscape play a big part in patients' recovery and in rebuilding their health.


Gorch Fock

Gorch Fock

You have a wonderful view across to the Baltic Sea from the park and a direct path to the beach invites you to take a walk along the water's edge. Here you can see a snapshot from May 2009 when the navy's sail training vessel visited Neustadt bay. Incidentally it is in our lovely little town that the ZDF series "Küstenwache" ("Coast Watch") is being filmed.



Our clinic in pictures


Internal Views.

The clinic at Kiebitzberg reopened in 1995 stands out because of its modern, very bright and light-imbued architecture.
Our tastefully designed chapel provides a particularly peaceful place where you can find tranquillity and time for contemplation. Protestant and Catholic services take place on an alternating basis and for our patients who are not able to walk are broadcast live to their rooms.
At certain times when therapy is not underway, our physiotherapy pool is available for your use. The warm water at 32 degrees is equally inviting for exercise and relaxation.