Clinic Profile.

The personal relationship of patient and doctor is paramount.

Patient-oriented medicine is the highest precept at the Schön Klinik Neustadt. The focus is the personal relationship between patient and doctor. After a careful medical history has been taken the medical picture is treated with the use of modern diagnostic examination processes. Therapy measures are planned individually and specifically targeted. A speciality of our clinic is the use of interdisciplinary medicine in the area of pain therapy. The anaesthetists and the treating physicians from the various departments work very closely together. Our patients are treated with pain relievers pre, inter and post operative.


Certified Quality

As the first General Hospital in Schleswig-Holstein, the Schön Klinik Neustadt was certified in Autumn 1999 according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 norms. Additionally, in its capacity as a Clinic for Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, it was certified according to the quality principles of the German Association for Medical Rehabilitation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Medizinische Rehabilitation e.V.) (DEGEMED) as well as achieving the "Medical Rehabilitation in Examined Quality" seal of distinction from the Federal Land of Schleswig-Holstein.


"Care under one roof" for a swift recovery

The various specialisations at the Schön Klinik Neustadt work very closely together. The interdisciplinary approach ensures the patient the most optimal treatment for their clinical picture. The offer of acute and rehabilitation medicine from a single source, is responsible for rapid therapeutic successes.