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Drinking alcoholic beverages is forbidden in the clinic. Exceptions must be authorised by a doctor.



Please do not use your own car in the interests of both parties and let us know in good time whether you are brining another person with you. Please bring the following clothing with you: Bath robe, flip-flops, trunks or swimming costume and if you wish a bath towel, trainers and a tracksuit. We will be expecting between 11.00 and 12.00. Please report to reception where you will be given instructions on admission formalities. We will take care of your luggage and you will be shown the way or taken to your room.


Bath robe (only for the comfort category "Service of election - rooms")

For the duration of your stay we will provide you with a bath robe free of charge (against a returnable deposit). Please talk to your Patient Care Advisor and she will give you a bath robe there and then.



Our cafeteria is open daily from 7.00 to 19.00 for sales and patients, guests and employees alike go there. We are able to offer our guests just what they need at any time of the day with hot and cold drinks, snacks, a midday meal and a wide range of cakes. After 18.00 you can use the premises as an additional recreational room. The snacks and drinks machines are available for you to use.


CD player (only for the comfort category "Service of election - rooms")

There is a selection of listening books obtainable at reception.


Church Service

Every Sunday at 9.00 a service takes place in the Clinic chapel (alternating Protestant and Catholic). A weekly prayer meeting is held every Thursday at 16.00. Please see the notices in the chapel. Our chapel is available for silent reflection or prayer.



For cleaning options in the clinic. see also Laundry



All treatments and examinations (with the exception of some consultations) take place with us here in the clinic. It is advisable that you bring a bath robe, swimwear and towels, flip-flops, trainers and a tracksuit with you for walking around the clinic and for the treatments and therapies. We request that you do not walk around the clinic in sleepwear but wear casual or sports wear. We also recommend that you bring a small rucksack with you.


Companion (only for the Rehabilitation programme)

Companions have the opportunity of hiring an extra bed for the night. You can book either with breakfast or full board just as you wish. Meals are taken jointly with our patients in the patients' dining room. You can obtain further information about this and the availability of extra beds from our staff at reception. The physiotherapy pool is also available outside therapy times at no cost to you.


Copy service - only for the comfort category "Service of election - rooms"

Would you like to make a photocopy? There is a free of charge copy service available at Reception.



Reception has a selection of addresses and phone numbers of chiropodists and cosmeticians available to you. If you wish they will of course visit you at the clinic (see also Foot care).



We ask you to please leave your room on the day of departure, including weekends, at 8.30 at the latest. Please make sure that you have handed in all items lent to you. Please hand in your room keys and treatment plans to the nurse, because these are part of the treatment documentation and are kept in the patient's file. The doctor will write an interim discharge letter for the doctor carrying on the treatment, which the nurse will give you.



The time of discharge in the rehab clinic is usually decided a few days in advance. We usually gauge this taking into consideration cost acceptance and achieving rehabilitation targets. Before discharge a final discussion takes place where final questions can be clarified. On departure you will be given an interim medical report, which you can present to the doctor continuing your treatment (see Departure).


Drinks (only for the comfort category "Service of election - rooms")

From Monday to Friday your patient care member of staff will bring free of charge a variety of alcohol-free drinks up to your room. All patients receive mineral water every at no cost.


DVD player (only for the comfort category "Service of election - rooms")


Electrical equipment

We have TVs and radios here ready for you to use. Because of the laws governing fire regulations only these appliances can be used in our clinic. We have a washing machine, drier and irons ready for your use in separate areas. You can obtain an iron free of charge at reception. The use of mobile phones is not allowed in any part of the clinic building because we cannot be asbolutely certain that they will not affect the medical electronic equipment (see also TV, Telephone, Laundry).



We offer you a selection of courses, medical and cultural presentations and events for your entertainment, which vary. You can see the programme in the monthly events calendar (notice board at Reception). Please look at the notices on the "Today Board" at the entrance to the main corridor.



see also Entertainment



Every Saturday we give you the opportunity of travelling free of charge by taxi from the clinic to the market place in Neustadt and back. The meeting point is always at reception at 9.30. We have arranged the return journey for around midday so that you are back at the clinic again in good time for your meal. If you would like to take part in the journey, please let Reception know by Friday afternoon.


Extra bed for the night (only for the Rehabilitation programme)

You have the option of having an accompanying person stay overnight in your room. see also Accompanying person


Fax service (only for the comfort category "Service of election - rooms")

Would you like to send a fax? There is a free of charge fax service available at Reception.



It is helpful for treatment in the Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Clinic to have information from the doctors previously treating you (e.g. medical report or X-rays). Therefore,if at all possible please bring a copy of all X-ray findings with you.


Food (only for the comfort category "Service of election - rooms")

Every day you can choose between three normal diet dishes and a vegetarian alternative. However please heed your doctor's instructions about diet. Our waitresses in the dining room will be happy to provide you with more information.


Foot care

Reception has a selection of addresses and phone numbers of chiropodists and cosmeticians available to you. If you wish they will of course visit you at the clinic (see also Cosmetics).



Various group games and card games as well as listening books on CD can be borrowed free of charge at Reception.



Are you having problems with your glasses? Optik Zarbock opticians in Neustadt can see to all your repairs and offers a free of charge collection and delivery service. Local number (04561) 9120.



There is a putting green on the south west side of our gardens for golfers and those interested in golf who would like the chance to pitch and chip. You can bring your own golf clubs and balls with you or you can hire equipment (including ball collectors so you don't have to bend down).


Green Ladies

The ladies provide a voluntary visiting service for you in our clinic. They are happy to talk to you, go for walks, play games or to help you out with small errands. Please ask our staff at Reception or on your ward.



The hairdresser in the main corridor caters for all your hairdressing needs. Tel. 04561 54-1976.


Hairdryer (only for the comfort category "Service of election - rooms")

Your bathroom has a hairdryer installed.


Internet access

There is a PC with Internet access at all times in front of the cafeteria and recreational room on Ward 14. Payment is made by prepayment cards which can be obtained at Reception. Many areas of the clinic including many of the patients' rooms are fitted with wireless internet (WLAN) so that you can use your Notebook wirelessly to access the Internet provided it is configured properly. The company Lan1 is the wireless Internet provider.

If you want to connect with the internet of the Schön Klinik Neustadt you need a computer, tablet or smartphone which is able to connect with the WiFi. You have to activate the WiFi card of your appliance to connect with the network. If the network does not register automatically you have to open the router and search for the note "SkInternet". With one click you can connect with it . You don't need to use a key.


With the Hot Spots cordless in the network.


Deadline starts with the first login

Splitting over several days possible

1 hour 2,00€

2 hours 3,00€


Deadline starts with the first login

1 day 4,00€

3 days 9,00€

1 week 15,00€

2 weeks 20,00€

1 month 25,00€

Please contact the reception



You will find the kiosk in the main corridor. The range of products include in addition to newspapers, sweets and drinks and items needed for every day requirements such as body care products, flip-flops, writing materials etc. see also "Shopping"



In the basement of the building to the left of the entrance to the physiotherapy pool there are coin-operated washing machines and tumble driers with free of charge washing powder plus the choice of doing ironing. You can obtain an iron free of charge at reception.


Leisure time

Besides direct access to the beach for relaxing walks, we also organise free of charge trips into the town, specialist presentations, entertaining events and shows, free use of our exercise pool (with your doctor's permission) including for any people who come with you and hobby classes (baking, silk painting and other similar things). In the gardens there is a putting green for your use (see Golf).



There is a book shop for your use in the patients' dining room, which is open daily from 7.00 to 19.00.


Lost property

Please hand in and/or collect lost property at Reception.


Meal 1

Meal Time
Breakfast: 07.00 - 09.00
Weekends and holidays: 07.30 - 9.00
Lunch: 12.00 – 13.30
Evening meal: 17.00 – 18.30
Meal Breakfast: Time 07.00 - 09.00
Meal Weekends and holidays: Time 07.30 - 9.00
Meal Lunch: Time 12.00 – 13.30
Meal Evening meal: Time 17.00 – 18.30

Meal 2

If for any reason you are unable to attend meals, please let our staff in Services know. People accompanying you have their meals in the patient restaurant and visitors can consume snacks or drinks in the cafeteria.


Medical supplies

The "Bauche" medical supplies is in the basement corridor between Buildings 3 and 4. The opening times are: Monday to Thursday 8.30 to 17.00 Friday 8.30 to 16.00 (13.00 to 13.30 lunch break) Tel. 1952 and the orthopaedic workshop in the basement, Building 1, opening times: Monday to Friday 7.30 to 16.00 Tel. 1958.



Under no circumstances should medication you have brought with you be taken without prior consultation with the ward doctor. Non-compliance could mean a considerable risk to your health or the success of being made well.


Money and Valuables

Every room is fitted with a small safe. You can leave documents and valuables you do not wish to carry about with you there in the safe. We provide separate lockers in the exercise pool. You can deposit larger sums of money and valuables at Reception. We cannot accept any liability for items you bring with you. If possible, please leave jewellery and large sums of money at home. There is a cash machine in the entrance hall for your use. You can also make payments using a bank card (PIN), Visa or Eurocard (signature) at reception.



You can find out information on the town of Neustadt and its surroundings from the tourist information brochure in our service folder in your room.


Newspaper (only for the comfort category "Service of election - rooms")

Every day except Monday you will be given a free local daily newspaper. You can collect this from 8.00 onwards from your post box.



see also Glasses


Outpatient Rehabilitation

Under certain circumstances rehabilitation can also be carried out under what are known as outpatient/partial outpatient conditions. This means that you stay at home overnight but during the day you come in for several hours' treatment in our clinic or you stay with us in outpatient rehabilitation institutions which are collaborating with us. For times of relaxation between individual sessions you can use our relaxation room and have lunch with us too You travel every day from home to the clinic. This means you must be sufficiently mobile and that the travel time should not exceed 45 minutes. Also the cost-bearer on their part must fulfil certain requirements. If interested please consult our staff in Patient Services or your ward doctor.



Parking at the clinic is available but parking charges apply.



Pets are not allowed even at visiting times.


Phone charges

The daily phone charge ist 2,50 Euro. 


Physiotherapy Pool

The physiotherapy bath is available to you free of charge outside therapy times subject to medical approval. You can find the opening times in the monthly Events Calendar (on display at Reception and on the notice board in the pool.)



Of course you have the option of having your private post/newspapers forwarded to the Schön Klinik Neustadt. So that there is no doubt about the allocation of private post to yourself, it must be addressed as follows: First name, surname Room number Schön Klinik Neustadt Am Kiebitzberg 10 23730 Neustadt You will find your post in your post box.


Present (only for the comfort category "Service of election - rooms")

After your arrival you will be greeted personally with a present by your Patient Care member of staff. Let yourself be surprised!



We offer presentations on certain subjects (e.g. Arthritis, Osteoporosis) with the provision of in-depth information about symptoms and therapies. If you have any questions about this please ask your ward doctor and look at the notices on the "Today Board" in the main corridor.



So that we can continually improve our services we ask you at the end of your stay to fill out the "About your Stay in the Clinic Questionnaire" and to hand it in to Reception. As a 'thank you' you will be given a meal voucher which you can redeem in the clinic cafeteria. You may also fill out the questionnaire anonymously. There is a white post box for the questionnaire opposite the post office boxes.



You have the option of receiving radio programmes on your TV. If you have booked the "Service of election - rooms" comfort category, your room will also be equipped with a stereo and a CD and DVD player.



Our staff are there for you seven days a week from 7.30 to 21.30. You can get Reception by dialling 9 inside the clinic.


Refrigerator (only for the comfort category "Service of election - rooms")

Your room is equipped with a refrigerator. Your patient care member of staff will put drinks in it free of charge from Monday to Friday.



If something is broken in your room or does not work properly, please let our staff on Reception know (phone number 9). They will then inform our technical service department.


Secretarial service

You can take advantage of a chargeable secretarial service via Patient Services. Tel. 1014.



You can do shopping for your daily requirements at the kiosk in the clinic in the main corridor. You will find an extract from the list of items in our service folder. If you wish you can also place your order by phone by dialling 1974 and later it will be brought to your room. Should an item you want not be in stock in our kiosk, you have the option of ordering it.



The Schön Klinik Neustadt has been a no smoking hospital since 01.01.2007. This caused one of our employees to create the adjacent logo. Smoking is no longer permitted in the building or throughout the whole clinic premises. We have erected a smokers pavilion in the gardens for smokers, which offers shelter from the wind and the elements.


Snacks (only for the comfort category "Service of election - rooms")

From Monday to Friday your Patient Care member of staff will bring you fruit, candies and salted 'nibbles' to your room as a light snack.


Spa cards

During the summer months you will receive a free of charge spa card allowing you to take part more cheaply in some of the events in the Neustadt premises. The spa taxes are paid by the clinic.


Spiritual welfare

The ministers of the two major denominations are there to help you with any spiritual concerns. You can contact them through the nursing staff or directly by phone: Protestant Pastor H.J. Weißschnur, clinic phone no.: 1950 (with answer phone) Pastoral Referent H. Michels (Catholic), external Tel. no.: 04364 385 (with answer phone)


Stereo (only for the comfort category "Service of election - rooms")

see also Radio


Swimming pool

see also Physiotherapy pool


Telephone/Mobile phone

Throughout the whole clinic building, the use of (or the receiving of calls) on mobiles is not permitted as we cannot be absolutely certain that it will not affect the medical electronic equipment. Of course you can make use of the optional service phone. You will then be given your personal phone number for the duration of your stay with us. Please let your relatives, friends and your other contacts have this number so they can then contact you directly in your room. Please find the charges in the valid price sheet. For outgoing calls there is a public coin-operated/card phone available in the entrance lobby. You can obtain phone cards at Reception or at our kiosk.



Because of fire safety regulations you are not allowed to bring your own televisions. However we have our own televisions ready for your use. The remote control you need is in the room Channel 17 is the channel where we transmit our information about the clinic. This includes among other things interesting information about the Schön Klinik Neustadt and the Schön Kliniken.


Therapy Plans

Each week we make a Therapy Plan for you which is left in your post box. Because for instance your therapist may be away for short periods, this can result in changes to the Therapy Plan, and therefore we ask you to check in your post box every day after supper to see if there is an amended plan there. If there is no Therapy Plan on the day of your admission or at the weekend for the following week, please contact the nursing staff immediately who will then get in touch with the Therapy Planning Department. The ladies in Therapy Planning will then contact by phone and tell you what to do next.


Visiting Service

See Green Ladies


Visitors and Visiting Times

In order to avoid disturbances, we ask you not to have any visitors during bed rest hours and at night i.e. from 22.00 to 6.30. Visiting times can be restricted on medical grounds. Visitors who have infectious illnesses at home or in their community are not allowed to visit the clinic. Please respect the needs of your fellow patients for peace and quiet. Visitors cannot eat in the patients' dining room. Snacks and drinks are provided in our cafeteria.



Once a week we offer guided walks in the local vicinity. Our therapists will accompany you and you will have the opportunity of taking a break in a café. To find out more please see the notice in the Physiotherapy Department in the basement of Building 2.


Ward rounds

During your stay in the clinic, regular ward rounds take place. In order not to allow ward rounds restrict the range of treatments on offer, the times of ward rounds are only considered secondary to the Therapy Plan arrangements. It can therefore happen that you are having therapy during ward rounds. In this case we ask you to talk to the nursing staff or directly with your ward doctor at a later point in time.