Advice & Care. Personal and professional

We ensure that your stay gets off to a good start.

Our Patient Service and Reception team are happy to answer all your questions which are non-medical in nature. We will help you with any communications you make with your cost-bearer and are happy to inform you about the facilities in our clinic and the many leisure time options. Our team is made up of specialist staff who have had the best training possible and who will support you in a friendly and professional manner during your stay.


The easy route to admission to our clinic.

To enable them to decide where or not admission is necessary, our doctors must obtain a medical status for the patient that is as comprehensive as possible.

For this purpose, we will need the following documentation from you:

  • A brief cover letter with the name and contact information for the patient or a point of contact
  • Address and telephone number of your attending doctor
  • All available medical documentation, especially medical reports, discharge reports from other clinics and x-ray films
  • A list detailing the names and doses of any current medications

If a stay in our clinic is indicated on medical grounds, we will contact you immediately to discuss coverage of costs and to schedule a time for admission.


Contact person for European patients

Our English speaking Patient Service gladly answers your questions about admission and residence in our hospital.

Please feel free to contact us


Basic information on coverage of costs.

Coverage of costs for patients from Europe.

Patients from the European Union require a valid E112 Certificate before their hospital stay. For patients without a valid E112 Certificate, we will be happy to provide you with a quote for self payment after reviewing the medical documentation.


Coverage of costs for patients from outside Europe.

We will be happy to provide patients from outside Europe with a quote for self-payment after reviewing the medical documentation. Self-paying patients will generally be required to make an advance payment before they are admitted.


International guests.

Thanks to our successful treatment methods and cutting-edge research, we have an international reputation attracting many patients from overseas. We enjoy a high level of respect. You will receive care from trained staff with an excellent level of familiarity with your way of life.