Service & Admissions. A-Z of Information on your stay in our hospital

Arrival - How to find our hospital in Hamburg


Cafeteria / Kiosk - Our "Schön Café"

Time to enjoy - Our Schön Café

Time to enjoy - Our Schön Café

You are very welcome in our "Schön Café" from 8.00 to 19.00 every day.


  • A midday meal with plenty of choice from 11:30 to 14:00
  • A selection of two courses on week days (fresh neo-German and Asiatic/ Italian cuisine)
  • Additional choices with more than 30 types of snacks, rolls & sandwiches
  • Fresh salad & Antipasti buffet
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice as well as fresh fruit and fruit salad every day
  • Delicious coffee specialities
  • A changing selection of cakes and gateaux
  • Sunday is waffles day
  • Show cooking at the counter
  • Wide choice of magazines

Clinic Collection

You can get a selection of attractive and practical items from our clinic collection in building 7. If you have forgotten an important "little something", - no problem. For example you can obtain flip-flops, bath robes, manicure sets or coloured key rings, practical pocket umbrellas to take back with you for your loved ones and a happy reminder of your stay with us in Eilbek.



Experience tells us that it is a good idea if you bring a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, hairdryer, soap, razor, bath robe, pyjamas, nightdress, slippers (which are comfortable and safe to walk in), tracksuit, socks and underwear with you or have them brought for you. If however you should have forgotten anything - it's not a problem. You can get items for everyday requirements from our clinic collection in our Schön-Cafe.



On your ward you have mineral water, juices and hot drinks available free of charge. If need by please consult the nursing staff. You will be offered a piece of cake with your afternoon coffee every day. Hot drinks of various kinds are freshly prepared on your ward. Furthermore on each floor there is a machine for drinking water. The appropriate plastic bottles can be obtained free of charge on our wards.


Fire Safety

Operating electrical equipment such as a coffee machine or kettle in patient rooms is not allowed on safety grounds. Likewise unfortunately we cannot allow TVs or radios you have brought with you to be connected in patient rooms. You are very welcome however to use the television in your room at no charge and this has 14 programmes (please also see: TV). Likewise you should avoid naked flames (candles).



Flowers bring so much happiness into a hospital ! Vases for flowers are ready for use on each ward at no cost. Please note however that potted plants are not allowed in patients' rooms for hygienic reasons.


Foot care

If you want foot care please let the staff on your ward know. They will be very happy to help you make an appointment.



If you want to watch television in peace and without being disturbed, headphones are the answer! We keep headphones ready for you on your ward.



Our hairdresser is there for you during your stay and will come to you by arrangement. This service is chargeable and will be invoiced to you separately. Agree an appointment you would like on the respective ward: Just contact our nursing staff.


Internet & Hot Spot

You can surf the net in our hospital via our "hot spot" using your laptop (integrated wireless card). As soon as you activate your wireless card, you laptop will automatically log onto the Schön Klinik Hamburg Eilbek network. You will find "EIL-DSL" in the overview of available networks. Should this not be the case, let the assistant for your WLAN card know. Now you can normally get connected with a double click. Start your Internet Explorer. You will then automatically be sent to a log-on page. If you get an empty page, just enter any web address you like. The system will recognise this and show you the log-in page for entering your access data. You will get tickets at reception at various tariffs. Note: At out present stage of expansion, our Internet hot spot does not cover all the patient rooms as yet.



Credit cards We accept all the usual credit cards as well as EC cards. All you need is your PIN number.


Night time peace

Every recovery process needs a certain degree of peace and quiet in the surroundings. Therefore noise in the Schön Klinik Hamburg Eilbek will be detrimental to successful healing of your fellow patients. We therefore ask you to respect peace and quiet during the night time hours from 21.00 - 6.00.


Options during your stay

Spend time in our hospital parklands.

Spend time in our hospital parklands.

You will find comfortable seating areas everywhere in our clinic for discussions or a pleasant chat, whether in the hall, the lounge or on the wards. There are benches in our rose garden and all around our hospital inviting you to sit and pass the time.


Pastoral care

Always in mind: Our hospital pastoral care

Always in mind: Our hospital pastoral care

Our evangelical pastors Ms Katja Oldenburg-Luckey and Ms Ulrike Steenbock can be reached by phone on 2092-3944. Catholic pastoral care is the responsibility of the Sankt Sophien parish, Father Thomas Krauth (tel. 180 25 0000) and Father Laurentius Höhn (Tel. 180 25 0001).


Patient Care

If you have worries, requests, problems or proposals

If you have worries, requests, problems or proposals

We want you to feel happy and well here. If you should nevertheless have concerns or problems, please contact in confidence our Quality Manager, Mr Claus Schmiedfeld. He will assist you with advice and what to do.



Your can receive your personal post in our clinic. Our staff will give you your incoming post every day. Please remember to give your exact address stating your ward. This will ensure that you get your post without any delays. Your address in the Schön Klinik Hamburg Eilbek is: Ms / Mr: ... c/o Schön Klinik Hamburg Eilbek Ward: ... Dehnhaide 120 22081 Hamburg You can give your outgoing stamped post to the ward staff. They will pass these on accordingly.


Sending faxes and making copies

At reception we are happy to transmit your faxes and do photocopies for you.



For safety reasons smoking in all clinic buildings is strictly forbidden.


Special tip:

"Radio Eilbek - Your request programme in the Schön Klinik Hamburg Eilbek" is our clinic's patient radio. You can hear broadcasts on channel 64. Transmission times are Wednesdays and Fridays 18:00 - 20.00 and Sundays 9:00 - 11:30. You can send a request for music using your patient telephone by calling 3541.



Our reception will gladly help you order a taxi.



Our Service: Telephone at the bedside

Our Service: Telephone at the bedside

All the rooms in our hospital are fitted with modern phones. To connect the phone you need a chip card, which you can get at our phone card machines. We have put together everything you need to know about using the phone in our clinic in our flyer "Patient Telephone - Instructions for Use".



So you get better quickly: A tailor made therapy plan

So you get better quickly: A tailor made therapy plan

You will be given your individual therapy plan from the ward manager. We would like to point out that if you miss any therapy sessions without giving a reason, these cannot be made up subsequently. We also reserve the right to change therapy plans.


TV and Radio

TV and radio - free of charge in your room

TV and radio - free of charge in your room

You will find a free-of-charge TV in your room, which at the present time has 14 programmes. You will need headphones and these are ready to use in your room. How to operate and select programmes can be found in the "Patient TV and Radio Instructions for Use". You can hear different radio stations using the TV headphones and the phone key pad. How to operate and select programmes can be found in the brochure "Patient TV and Radio Instructions for Use".


Valuable items

If possible please avoid bringing any valuable items or large sums of money to our clinic, as we are unable to accept any liability for them.


Voluntary visiting service

Always there for you: Our visiting service run by volunteers

Always there for you: Our visiting service run by volunteers

The visiting service of the Schön Klinik Hamburg Eilbek is organised by volunteers. Should you wish to have a chat or smaller services rendered within the hospital area, please let you ward manager know. They will then pass on your request to the visiting service staff.