Clinic for Septic Bone and Soft Tissue Surgery. Medical Care

Treatment of infections of bone, soft tissue and joints.

Professional and prompt treatment for acute and/or chronic infections

Professional and prompt treatment for acute and/or chronic infections

Bone and joint infections count among the most serious complications from trauma and orthopaedic surgery.  Even today during accident surgery bacterial infections occur in up to 40% of open fractures in spite of modern surgical procedures. If acute and/or chronic infections are not treated professionally and promptly, life-long problems or at least severe symptoms often pose a threat.

If the infections are untreated, the sequelae below may occur:

  • Bone defects
  • Soft tissue defects
  • Axial misalignments
  • Shortening of extremities
  • post-infectious joint degeneration

Professional care of infections.

Systemic, specific and concept-guided treatment to restore extremities in terms of functioning ability and weight-bearing capabilities therefore promises much success. In so doing if conservative methods are unsuccessful and infection has advanced, we use surgical methods similar to those of tumour surgery. If necessary following treatment of the infection, reconstruction of soft tissue and bone is carried out.

Because of our clinic's facilities we guarantee professional care of septic complications and diseases and their diagnostics with rehabilitation at the highest level. At the same time close interdisciplinary cooperation with microbiology, plastic surgery and vascular surgery is necessary for successful treatment concepts.