First-class medicine in Hamburg.

Specialist expertise in one of the greatest hospitals in Hamburg

Health care – comprehensive, high qualified, interdisciplinary and most up-to-date techniques. Human care – sensitive to the patient`s wishes and needs. Thats first-class medicine. Those the benefits of a succesful hospital. Welcome to the Schön Klinik Hamburg Eilbek!


Endocrine Surgery

We specialise in the treatment of diseases caused by the hormone-producing glands in the human body.

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Neurocentre. Neurology & Early Rehabilitation in Hamburg

Functional brain disorders are treated at our Neurocentre using modern early rehabilitative treatment procedures.

Neurocentre for Neurology & Early Rehabilitation in Hamburg


Spinal Surgery Clinic

Our conservative and surgical treatments focus on diseases and injuries to the spine.

Spinal Surgery Centre


General Orthopaedics

In our General Orthopaedics Department we perform the full spectrum of classical operations as well as providing conservative (non-surgical) treatment!

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We use a graduated range of implants and operating procedures.



Septic bone and soft tissue surgery

We ensure professional treatment of septic diseases and their diagnosis and rehabilitation.

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General and visceral surgery.

Specialisations in the surgery department: Treatment of stomach cancer, intestinal cancer, incontinence (rectal incontinence), inguinal hernia, post-operative hernia, intestinal pacemaker

General and visceral surgery.


Diagnostic and interventional radiology

In addition to the most accurate of X-ray diagnostic procedures, we also perform therapeutic interventions under X-ray control.

On diagnostic and interventional radiology