Schön Klinik Acquisition of UK Specialty Clinic for Eating Disorders

Schön Klinik is continuing its course of internationalisation with the acquisition of "Newbridge House for Eating Disorders" in Birmingham. The clinic is the second largest private service in the UK for inpatient treatment of children and adolescents with eating disorders. Schön Klinik is thus expanding its presence abroad and strengthening its specialisation in psychosomatics.

With the acquisition of the psychosomatic clinic "Newbridge House", Schön Klinik is expanding its future presence in the UK with a second location. Another British Schön Klinik is currently under construction in the Harley Street Medical Area in central London, and to be opened next year with a focus on orthopaedics and spine surgery. "With the acquisition of Newbridge House, we are not only taking a step towards further internationalisation, but are also strengthening our existing medical focus," explains Dr. Markus Hamm, CFO and co-CEO of Schön Klinik. The clinic group is now represented in Britain with two of its medical core fields –orthopaedics as well as psychosomatics – and can also offer specialist medicine.

With 28 beds, "Newbridge House" is the second largest facility in the UK health care system for the inpatient treatment of eating disorders in children and adolescents. The UK Care Quality Commission (CQC) recently categorised the treatment offered by the clinic as "outstanding". Such an award is rarely given by the independent commission. "Not only because of this affirmation, Newbridge House fits very well into the existing sites and the quality philosophy of Schön Klinik. The facility is an ideal complement because the treatment of eating disorders is one of our special competencies in psychosomatic medicine,” says Christopher Schön, COO of Schön Klinik. With its group therapy and behavioural approach, the clinic in Birmingham is similar to the psychosomatics of Schön Klinik and thus also stands out from other facilities in the UK.

With the acquisition of "Newbridge House for Eating Disorders", Schön Klinik, one of the largest private clinic operators in Germany, with 17 locations, is furthering its original purpose. Founded by the Schön family in 1985, the headquarters of the clinic group was Germany's first psychosomatic clinic to specialise in eating disorders. Today, the Schön Klinik Roseneck (Prien, Bavaria) is one of the most recognised national and international clinics for the treatment of psychological and psychosomatic diseases. Furthermore, Professor Hubert Lacey, the medical director of Newbridge, has been closely involved in science and research for many years with the first and long-time chief physician of Roseneck Hospital, Prof. Manfred Fichter.