Information from A to Z. Answers to your questions!

Accompanying person.

In the Schön Klinik Vogtareuth, we can also accept a person accompanying the patient even if there is no medical need.


Admission appointment.

In some cases, the cost-bearer will be very specific about when rehabilitation is to start. Otherwise, you are free to schedule the appointment with us. If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please contact the Secretary's Office in the department concerned immediately.



Please register directly at our reception, which is located right next to the main entrance. From there you will be directed to patient admissions or to the appropriate ward. Please also have the questionnaires that you completed for us in advance ready.


Alcoholic beverages.

We have beer, alcohol-free beer, wine, Piccolo and sparkling wine available for purchase in the cafeteria.



This is where you can find all of the information you need, including detailed directions for patients coming by car.



On the day you leave the hospital, please pay telephone, TV and internet fees, etc. in our Patient Admissions department. We accept EC cards, Visa, Visa electron and Eurocard/MasterCard.



We generally already have your medical findings. If you should have any additional documents (x-rays or results), please bring them with you to the admission appointment.



A hairdresser comes to the Schön Klinik Vogtareuth every Thursday if requested. This gives you the opportunity to have your hair cut directly in your room. Appointments must be made in the Rehabilitation Office.



Our clinic is equipped with area-wide Wi-Fi. You can book online for hours packets to 15/50/100h. In addition, you can use our two internet computers in the lobby of our hospital.



Please bring your medications with you - even medications which are not directly related to the condition we are treating.


Opening hours.

Our facility is open from 8 am to 8 pm and is also open for visitors between these times. After 8 pm, all public areas in the Clinic and all outside doors are closed.



If you are coming by car, parking is available for a fee (the maximum fee is 2.50 Euros per day).


  • 1 hour costs 50€
  • The maximum daily rate is 2.50€
  • The first 2 days each cost 2.50€, with each additional day costing 0.50€.


  • People accompanying the patient, e.g. mothers with a disabled child, pay 0.50€ per day,
  • See the reception for payment of charges and information
  • People with severe disabilities park 100 % free of charge.

Patients staying over a more prolonged period in the Clinic (2 months or more, e.g. Paediatric Neurology) will be issued a smartcard (5€ deposit, fee 0.50€ per day). See the reception for payment of charges and information.


Private patients.

You can find detailed information under "Patients and Visitors", then under "Private Patients".


Religious services.

Catholic and Evangelical religious services are held regularly in our clinic chapel. Of course, you can also attend services in Vogtareuth Church.


Smoke-free clinic.

Smoking is not permitted at the Schön Klinik Vogtareuth.
The exception to this rule are the designated outdoor areas.

Outdoor areas:

  • Outdoor areas of the cafeteria
  • Entrance between wards F and G
  • Gazebo of Silberstreifen e.V. (outdoor area)
  • Balconies
  • Rear exit from the Rehabilitation Clinic


There is a television in every room, which is available for private patients to use free of charge. For a flat fee of 2.50 Euros per day, you can use the TV in your room and share it with a room mate.



Trips will not be permitted by the cost-bearers during your stay in hospital. Therefore, trips home to your family will only be possible in exceptional circumstances and by prior agreement.



If possible, please leave jewellery and other valuables at home. However, you will have a lockable cabinet available in your room.



Visitors are welcome at any time during clinic opening hours (daily from 8 am to 8 pm).


Washing and drying room/laundry service.

An extra room with washing machines and dryers is available for you to wash your laundry. However, please make sure to bring your own detergent.