We look forward to visitors and people accompanying you.

Special offers for accompanying persons.

Always open to visitors.

Always open to visitors.

Visitors are always welcome at our clinic. Our clinic is open from 07.00 to 22.00. Visitors you want to come for several days can also stay overnight in the clinic and eat our varied buffets. Accompanying persons can sleep in an extra bed in the patient's room or stay overnight in a separate room (on request). If you would like accommodation options outside the clinic we can name you some hotels or pensions in walking distance. For further information the local tourist information office will be pleased to help. (Accompanying persons are not allowed for patients in the psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy centre, in order not to endanger the success of the therapy. The specialists or psychologists can issue a permit for accompanying persons in exceptional cases only.)


Do something good for yourself as someone accompanying a patient.

Accompanying persons can also take part in the clinic's varied events programme and leisure offer. They can also do something for their own health: After initial medical consultation wie offer therapy sessions to accompanying persons (due to availibility).


Accompanying persons not apt as translators.

Family members should not act as translators, even if they are fluent English speakers. The success of the treatment is highly depending on the understanding between patient and the staff of our clinic.