Information from A to Z

Accompanying persons.

We are delighted to welcome people accompanying patients for a weekend or even for the entire hospital stay. (The medical management reserves the right to decide whether approved accompanying persons can stay with patients in the specialist centre for psychosomatic medicine.) On request, accompanying persons may also stay and eat here in the clinic.


Adapter for power supply.

In case you need special adapters for your devices (laptop, cell phone etc.) to connect to Central European power outlets, please bring appropriate adapters with you.



Please register directly at our reception, which is located right next to the main entrance. Following the welcome, the special advisor für international patients will be involved immediately. You will not need all your medical documents (such as X-rays, doctors' letters, etc.) at the welcome; however, you should have them ready for your first appointment with your doctor.


Alcoholic drinks.

It is prohibited to bring alcoholic drinks into the clinic or to consume them on the premises. Our cafeteria also does not sell alcoholic drinks.



Here you will find all the information, including detailed directions for patients coming by car.



Our cafeteria is open from 08.30 to 20.00 on weekdays, and from 10.00 at the weekend. Apart from drinks, cakes, fruit, sweets and snacks, it also has a selected range of postcards and drugstore products. There is a large terrace directly next to the cafeteria.



You can obtain cash from us using an EC card (with PIN input) and VISA and Mastercard credit cards. However, a charge will be made for cash withdrawals using these cards.



Chiropody appointments can be arranged in-house. Experienced specialists come to treat your feet in your room.



We will generally already have medical findings. If you have any additional documents (x-rays or findings), please bring them with you to the admission appointment.


Disabled persons: Clinic adapted to your needs.

Our whole clinic is oriented to the needs of wheelchair users. They can reach all storeys with adequately sized lifts and will find sufficient wide doors and passages throughout the site.



A local hairdressing salon has its own room in our Clinic. You can personally schedule appointments.



Three internet workstations in our entrance hall can be used  all day. You can connect your laptop to the WLAN network. Please note that your laptop must fulfil the following system requirements: Your laptop (PC) must have a WLAN adapter and fulfil the system requirements: Our WLAN only works with the Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP 2, Vista or Windows 7 operating system.



Look under "Translator" on this page for relevant information.


Laundry and drying room/laundry service

A room with washing machines and dryers is available for you to wash your laundry. The room also contains irons and an ironing board. You can also use a laundry service, which will take your laundry and return it to you washed and ironed within three days.


Leaves of absence.

Leaves of absence are not permitted by the funding health insurers during your stay in hospital. Therefore, it is only possible to leave the clinic for several days in exceptional circumstances and by prior agreement.


Leisure activities.

Our comprehensive range of leisure activities offers you trips to the destinations for outings in our beautiful surroundings, concerts, as well as creative courses and guided rambles. Lectures and films (in German) are also regularly included in the programme.



Please bring your medications with you - even medication which are not directly related to the condition we are treating.


Orthopaedic workshop.

There is an orthopaedic workshop of Sanitätshaus Pohlig directly in the clinic, which can be reached by phone on 08652 93-1618.


Opening times.

Our clinic is open from 07:00 to 22:00 and is also open to visitors during this time. After 22:00, all public areas in the Clinic and the outside doors are closed.


Packing your luggage.

Here you will find a checklist to help you to remember everything important when you are packing.



If you arrive by car, you can drive into our underground car park (if spaces are available). However, there are no parking facilities within the clinic grounds for camping buses and other extra-high vehicles. Free parking spaces are also available around eight minutes' walk from the clinic, in the car park opposite the Schornbad open air swimming pool.


Payment modalities.

We ask for prepayment for the costs for your stay in the clinic. Please make payment in advance by bank transfer or in cash or by credit card on the day of your arrival. We only accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards.


Religious services (in German).

Catholic and Evangelical religious services are held regularly in our lecture room. We also organise trips to the local church on every Sunday and public holiday.


Shuttle service from the railway station / transfer from Salzburg airport.

We will be pleased to collect our patients from Berchtesgadener Railway Station, free of charge, with our clinic bus. Please notify us of your time of arrival on the day before you arrive at the latests. We arrange inexpensive transfer (€ 35) for patients flying to Salzburg, which you can book in our reception or through the special adviser for international patients.


Smoke-free clinic.

We want to protect our patients and staff from the harmful smoke and unpleasant odour of cigarettes. Therefore, no smoking is permitted anywhere inside the clinic building, whether in the rooms or on the balconies. Smoking is only permitted in a smoking pavilion located near the clinic entrance.


Sun terrace.

From spring to autumn, you can use our sun terrace on the 2nd floor, which not only has sunbeds, fresh air and sunshine, but also a wide view of the Berchtesgadener Mountains.


Swimming pool (indoor).

Our exercise pool can be used at fixed times (before and after the therapy periods) for unaided swimming and exercise. A medical permit is required for this.



You can use a direct phone connection in your room for a daily basic charge of 1.50 Euro (plus additional costs per unit). There is a public coin and card operated telephone in the entrance hall.



All our patients' rooms are equipped with a TV set, with which our patients can receive 31 different German and five foreign language TV channels in cable quality, free of charge.



The languages spoken during the treatmant are German and English (for patients of the centres of orthopaedics and pneumology). In case you do not speak these languages sufficiently, please ask for assistance by a professional translator. Family members should not act as translators, even if they are fluent English speakers. We are happy to assist you in finding a qualified professional Russian translators’ service.

Please note: In our specialist centre for psychosomatic medicine we can only attend to patients who are German native speakers or to patients who are fluent in German.



If possible, you should leave jewellery and other valuables at home. If this is not possible, we recommend that you lock cash and valuables in the safe in your room or leave them in the safe in the reception.



Visitors are welcome at any time during clinic opening hours (daily from 07:00 to 22:00).


Walk around the clinic.

There is a level asphalted circular path around the clinic which provides beautiful views of the fantastic mountain world.