Medicine and Specialities. Our specialist centres at a glance

Specialists with sophisticated rehabilitation treatment concepts.

Scientifically established standards and treatment tailor made to the individual patient make our specialist centres stand out. Our physicians and psychologists work hand in hand and if the need arises are able to clarify problems from different perspectives by means of specific multidisciplinary cooperation.


Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation.

We specialize in the inpatient & outpatient rehabilitation, orthopedics, sports medicine and different forms of pain therapy.

Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine


Pneumology, Allergology and Sleep Medicine

Our specialist centre has an excellent reputation, thanks to its innovative treatment concepts for patients with diseases of lung & respiratory track.

Centre for Pneumology


Psychosomatic medicine & Psychotherapy

Our specialist centre for psychosomatic medicine offers individual therapies for patients with psychological and psychosomatic diseases. We can only attend to patients who are German native speakers or to patients who are fluent in German.

Psychosomatic medicine