Information from A to Z. Answers to your questions

What you should know about your stay.

Here, you can find an alphabetical listing of all of the information you need to get to the Clinic and for your stay here.


Accompanying person.

We are delighted to welcome people accompanying patients for the entire hospital stay. One companion may if he or she wishes also stay and eat here in the Clinic, for further companions Bad Aibling offers a wide range of accomodation facilities close to the Clinic. Our medical service manager provides you with rules and pricings.



Our Medical Servicemanager Mr. Reda Eid will assist you with all registration requirements.


Alcoholic drinks.

Bringing and consuming alcoholic drinks are not permitted in this Clinic. Nor does our cafeteria sell alcoholic drinks.


Arabic station.

As far as it is possible, our Arabic patients are accommodated on a separate ward. Our colleagues are very well trained with respect to cultural matters. Our Medical Service Manager Mr Reda Eid, whose mother tongue is Arabic, is always available to see to your personal needs.

Note: For medical reasons it is possible that you or your relative will have to be accommodated on a different ward. You will however continue to receive the same services.



You can find all of the information here, including detailed directions for patients coming by car. If required, we can escort you from the airport.



We will generally already have medical findings. If you have any additional documents (x-ray films or findings), please bring them with you to the admission appointment.



We can offer you two options for Internet access: Either wireless network (WLAN) on your personal laptop via our hot spots or on two PCs in our Internet Corner between 8.00 and 22.00 in the entrance lobby of our clinic.


Leisure time programme.

Our comprehensive freetime programme offers you the opportunity to take trips in our beautiful surrounding area, as well as to attend lectures, films and concerts and to participate in creative courses and guided tours.



Our catering team will spoil you with a wide menu selection, which will be adapted to your dietary requirements. For example, we only buy meat that is processed according to the Halal methods. We will offer you selected dishes and drinks at all mealtimes.



Please bring your medications with you - even medication which are not directly related to the condition we are treating.


Opening times.

Our facility is open from 6 am to 10 pm and is also open for visitors between these times. After 10 pm, all public areas in the Clinic and all outside doors are closed.



The clinic has its own car parks for you to use free of charge.


Payment methods.

We accept EC cards (with the PIN number), but unfortunately do not accept credit cards.


Religious services.

A separate praying room

A separate praying room

We are open to all religious confessions. The Muslimic belief is highly respected in our clinic: A separate Muslimic praying room, praying times and directions as well as specially tailored meals are naturally provided for.


Smoke-free clinic.

We want to protect our patients and staff from the harmful smoke and unpleasant odour of cigarettes. Therefore, no smoking is permitted anywhere within the clinic building, whether in the rooms or on the balconies. Smoking is only permitted in a smoking pavilion located behind the cafeteria. We offer our patients free courses in how to give up tobacco - do something really good for your health!



You can use a direct international telephone line in you room. We will be happy to obtain the cards of your choice for mobile phone calls and Internet surfing.



There is a television with international TV channels in every room, which is available for patients to use free of charge. We also have a television room with a large-screen TV. This room is open every day from 2 pm to 10 pm.



If possible, you should leave jewellery and other valuables at home. If this is not possible, we recommend that you lock cash and valuables in the safe in the room or leave them in the strong box in Reception.



Visitors are welcome to visit the ICU from 3 pm to 5 pm and all other wards from 3 pm to 7 pm.


Washing and drying room/laundry service.

A room with washing machines and dryers is available for you to wash your laundry. The room also contains irons and an ironing board. You can also use a laundry service, which will take your laundry and return it to you washed and ironed within three days.