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Severe Traumatic Brain Injury and Strokes .

Intensive care unit. Protecting patients with compassion and high-tech equipment.

Intensive care unit. Protecting patients with compassion and high-tech equipment.

We are a clinic specialising in the treatment of disorders of the brain, particularly strokes and traumatic brain injuries. We do not just specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord), but we are also leaders in the use of the most up-to-date rehabilitation technology. In our modern and large intensive care unit, we can treat patients with all types of neurological disorders requiring this intensive care. In order to prepare patients to return to their everyday lives, we provide programs to cover every stage of the rehabilitation process. These include intensive care, intensive and advanced neurorehabilitation as well as neurorehabilitation.


Our spectrum in the treatment of neurology disorders.

Our specialist fields.

Further details of our specialist fields:


Specific therapies.

Different disorders - specific therapies.

The patient practices independent walking in a "Lokomat".

The patient practices independent walking in a "Lokomat".

We use the whole range of physiotherapy measures to restore the patient's mobility, stamina and fitness. Apart from classic procedures, we also regularly use innovative methods and high-tech equipment. E.g., we were the first clinic in Germany to use a Lokomat for robot-assisted gait therapy.


Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation.

Promoting the greatest possibility independence the patient is the decisive goal of rehabilitative therapy. In the most favourable case, extensive or even complete release from complaints can be achieved. The smallest possible need for care or reduction of complaints are also realisable successes. A sympathetic and competent nursing plays a large part in the success of the therapy.


Outpatient rehabilitation for sufficiently mobile patients.

Patients who require comprehensive rehabilitative therapy but no longer depend on continuous in-patient care can take part in out-patient rehabilitation. In the outpatients' day clinic, patients use the clinic's complete range of therapies, but stay at home and spend the weekends and holidays in the familiar environment. This requires patients to be sufficiently mobile and capable of coping on their own. The offer is aimed at patients who live near by or rent accommodation nearby.


Psychological Care.

Help at your side - psychological care.

A neurological disease radically changes a person's life. It can destroy future plans and aims in life. In such situations, we offer patients and relatives intensive psychological support. It can be very useful in adapting to the altered circumstances of your life and at the same time supports the other therapeutic procedures. Behavioural therapy, counselling and family therapy measures can also help with psychological problems such as anxieties, depression or family difficulties.


Individual support around the clock.

Intensive care and support is very important for recovery.

Intensive care and support is very important for recovery.

Each patient is individually taken care of - 24 hours a day. Depending on their respective personal situation, together with the dependants, we develop a personal therapy plan which is implemented by an experienced team of doctors, nursing personnel, therapists and neuropsychologists and is consistently checked for its effectiveness.