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Dear patients, relatives, visitors and interested parties,

the Schön Klinik hospitals, with their 4,200 beds and around 7,900 employees, are specialised in orthopaedics, neurology and psychosomatic medicine. Our highly specialised physicians continually develop their medical knowledge, guaranteeing the extraordinarily high level of quality. Our medical services - in combination with the intensive efforts to look after the personal well-being of all patients - have made us one of the largest owner-managed clinic groups on the German market.


Our clinics

All hospitals and clinics of the Schön group provide top-class medical services and are found in special locations.

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Our Doctors & Therapists

All the Schön Klinik specialists by location, specialisation and role.

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Mobility & Joints

Knee? Shoulder? Hands and feet? Get tips on posture and mobility from the professionals.

Portal for Mobility & Joints

Back & Spine.

From arthrosis to slipped disc.



Organs & Circulation

Physicians from the Schön Klinik provide information about the most common internal medical disorders.

Organs & Circualtion

Nerves & Brain

Leading neurologists provide information about nervous system disorders and new treatment concepts, as well as being available to provide advice.

Nerves & Brain