Why choose Schön Klinik?

Schön Klinik.

Schön Klinik currently runs hospitals with 10,000 employees in 23 locations across Germany and focuses on psychosomatic medicine, orthopedics, neurology as well as surgery, and internal medicine. Our level of specialization allows us to identify the most effective therapies that contribute to the best possible care for 300,000 patients per year. Our medical services have made us one of the largest owner-managed clinic groups on the German market.

Values Based Healthcare: Quality is our core value and we strive to enhance clinical outcomes through measurement and continuous improvement. We have defined standards for all medical conditions and evidence-based clinical pathways for each treatment. Schoen Clinic has received international recognition for this approach to patient care.

Orthopedics - Back & Spine

Back & Spine: 9 clinics. More than 14.000 patients

The Schön Klinik has been engaged in the field of orthopaedics since the mid 1990s, and have since then attained an indisputably high level of expertise.

The causes of back pain vary and range from simple muscular strain to slipped discs but can as well include more severe diseases such as tumors, deformities or osteoporosis. With our eight specialised back pain centres all over Germany we can offer care to more than 12,000 patients.

Specialisation: Wear and tear & back pain
Specialisation: Fractures of the spine
Specialisation: Scoliosis. A deformity of the spine

Orthopedics - Bones & Joints

Mobility & Joints. Professionals for your motion

Orthopaedics is the specialist area concerned with the body's mechanisms of support and movement, from the topmost bone in the neck to the bottom-most bones in the toes. Possibilities in treatment of orthopaedic problems have significantly improved through the development of new methods in recent years.

Schön Klinik currently runs orthopaedic centres in 8 German cities. We offer care to more than 7,500 patients per year.

Specialisation: Knee, Hip, Shoulder
Specialisation: Hand & Foot
Specialisation: Osteoporosis

Neurology - Brain & Nerves

Medical Care of the Area of Neurology.

The treatment of neurological disorders such as brain injury, stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer's is one of our core specialisations. Apart from the recognised Specialist Clinics in Bad Aibling, Vogtareuth and Munich, many of our other hospitals also provide specialist neurology centres with an international reputation. 

Nowadays, medical advances in diagnostics and treatment frequently make it possible for our patients, even those with serious disorders, to make the return to a new life step by step.

Specialisation: Neurology

Adolescents & Children

Specialised in treating adolescents and children

Children and adolescents need highly specialised treatment. Schön Klinik has centres in five different locations in Germany offering a standard of treatment that only few clinics elsewhere in the world can match.

The treatments on offer at our paediatric clinics range from managing rare congenital or acquired diseases and severe spinal deformities to diagnosis and surgery for epilepsy, and therapy for eating disorders as well as anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders

Specialisation: medicine for adolescents and children


Stroke. Hazardous neurological disease

Brain damage with far-reaching consequences:a stroke usually causes drastic changes in the lives of the patient and family members. Read more about definition, symptoms and therapy of the disease.



Michail Gorbatschow. Successful spinal surgery

The former Soviet President Michail Gorbatschow stayed in Munich in the Schön Klinik München Harlaching where he underwent spinal surgery.

Michail Gorbatschow at Munich


Traumatic Brain Injury. Disease & treatment

Traumatic brain injury is one of the most common causes of death in Germany, especially among men under 30 years of age. Learn more about causes and treatments of the dreaded brain violation.

Traumatic Brain Injury


Epilepsy. Disease originated in the brain

Thanks to modern surgical techniques and high-tech medicine, the spasmodic seizures can be treated well and in many cases even completely healed today.



Scoliosis. Complex deformation of the spine

Depending on the severity of the deformity, scoliosis can be corrected either by a conservative treatment or by surgery. Learn more about the morbid axial deviation of the spine.



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