Schoen Clinic Management Board.

Dr. Markus Hamm

Dr. Markus Hamm is CEO of Schön Klinik SE. After studying Business Administration and achieving his Doctorate at Cologne University, he initially spent eight years as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. Dr. Hamm joined Schoen Clinic in early 2004 and became the Business Manager for the Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land. He moved to the Schoen Clinic Headquarter in 2007 to become the Manager for Corporate Development & Finance, a position in which he was responsible for identifying strategic goals and finance within the clinic group. Since the start of 2009, Dr. Hamm has been on the Board of Management of the Schoen Clinic.  He's been CFO and Co-CEO and became CEO in 2018. As Executive Director Group of Schön Klinik SE, he is responsible for legal, risk and data security, public relations and payor management.



Christopher Schoen

After receiving an MBA in Finance from the University of Miami, Christopher Schoen began his career at the Cleveland Clinic Florida. After gaining some international experience in hospital management he worked in the buyout fund of a well-known European financial investor before deciding to join the family business. In June 2016 he was appointed COO and Executive Director Group of Schön Klinik SE, and is responsible for corporate development, marketing and Schoen Health Digital.



Jens Egert

A business economist, Jens Egert spent seven years as Head of Finance and Controlling at a large hospital group in Hamburg. Prior to that, he worked as commercial director for a similar period in Hanover at a group of clinics, which focus on rehabilitation and nursing. His last stop before Schoen Clinic was as managing director at a medical logistics company. As Executive Director Group and CFO of Schön Klinik SE, Jens Egert is responsible for the following departments: controlling, accounting, treasury and tax. Additionally, he is responsible for construction & facility and procurement. 



Carla Naumann

Ms Carla Naumann was the managing director at the Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling since October 2004. After completing her studies in economics Ms Carla Naumann worked for many years for the Boston Consulting Group where she was responsible for advising customers in the health care sector. Since September 2012 she is on the Board of Management of Schön Klinik. She is Executive Director Clinics of Schön Klinik Geschäftsführungs SE.



Dr. Michael Knapp

After steering national and international projects for The Boston Consulting Group from 1997 to 2006  Dr. Michael Knapp started to work for Schoen Clinic. At first he was responsible for the regional management of the group's activities in Hesse before taking over as Business Manager for the Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek in 2010 - the group's largest general hospital.  In August 2013 he became a member of the board. He is Executive Director Clinics of Schön Klinik Geschäftsführungs SE.



Andreas Ludowig

After finishing his studies of business and administration, Andreas Ludowig worked as a strategy consultant in the Health Care practice of Booz & Company from 2001 to 2007. After joining our group he worked in the department for corporate strategy and business development which he headed from 2009 to 2011. He then took over responsibility for Schoen Clinic Roseneck (Mental Health) as Managing Director and in 2012 for Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling (Neurology). As Executive Director Clinics of Schön Klinik Geschäftsführungs SE, Andreas Ludowig is responsible for setting up and managing hospitals outside Germany as well as for the treatment of international patients in our German hospitals. 



Patrick Mickler

After studying Business Administration in Mannheim and Toronto, Canada, Patrick Mickler worked for seven years for the Boston Consulting Group, six years in Munich and one year in Helsinki. In March 2012 he joined Schoen Clinic as Head of Corporate Strategy and Business Development. As of 2017, Patrick Mickler became member of the board. As Executive Director Headquarter of Schön Klinik Management SE, he is responsible for human resources, medical and quality management, medical controlling, patient administration and IT.